Conservation Sew Mates was inspired and established to support wildlife conservation efforts. We aim to help through:

Dolls for Friends, Dollars for Conservation

Every Stitch Carries a Blessing!

We see the potential to convert people’s love into real conservation action, so we started selling the dolls and then donate to support conservation cause.

Each doll was meticulously hand-sewn by our Founder with the love for marine animals in mind and in heart. Every purchase contributes to cetacean and whale shark research and conservation projects in the Philippines.

More details would be uploaded after the website is furnished. In the meantime, please order on

Livelihood Projects

We Choose to Help, Not Criticize!

NGOs and communities may not necessarily confront each other. Sew Mates see the role small communities can play to protect and contribute, and how the NGOs could facilitate the development of responsible eco-tourism and conservation of wildlife and habitats.

Partnering with NGOs, Conservation Sew Mates conduct livelihood projects in the form of workshops for the local community in areas where conservation awareness is being introduced and developed. This creative process, which covers pattern making, cutting, sewing, stuffing and then selling is our way of encouraging participants to work together in generating revenue through ecotourism.

In 2013 and 2014, we have carried out livelihood projects in different areas in the Philippines:

Help Us

As ocean lovers, you could join us contribute to whale shark and cetaceans conservation efforts easily:

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